Tuesday, July 04, 2006


What Three Things can Jackie do to keep cool, in 100f heat and humidity?


Patty said...

1. Drink lots of water, keep fluid intake up.

2. Shower before bed and then go straight to bed wet, don't towel yourself dry, and the water will evaporate and cool you down.

3. Read books on the Antartica or North Pole, and appreciate and relish the heat. Either that, or drink more beer. :)

Brizpaul said...

1: find a tree or a cactus and sit under it

2: Turn the Air Con up

3: Take a cold shower

peter said...

air con , hydration neck tie ,hard hat brim

dieter said...

I agree with two things Patty said although i'm not sure the beer cools but drink menough and who cares.
1 iced tea.
2. ice pack on the neck
3. try to get a cross breeze in your room