Friday, July 28, 2006

Thanks, but no thanks

FEDERAL Attorney-General Philip Ruddock's push for tougher censorship of books advocating hatred or terrorism is to be treated with caution.So too is his urging of tighter controls over what can be shown on television.
When Mr Ruddock meets state and territory attorneys-general in Melbourne today these matters will be on his agenda.
More relaxed is NSW Attorney-General Bob Debus who says the laws are tough enough already, adding that "I'm a bit worried if we extend the definitions, we're going to end up banning crime novels, and somebody's even suggested there's some pretty violent bits in the Bible".
Certainly we don't want explicit how-to-do-it books on terrorism on the shelves, nor grossly offensive television programs,
But democracy is at risk when zealous governments too quickly reach for the blue pencil to put beyond our reach that which they believe is bad for us.

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