Monday, July 24, 2006

My diemma, grrrr

So this is where I am at today. Bear needs to get his Pilots License, so he can then sit for his theory, and then solo. He needs his Passport. His Passport is about to run out in 5 days time. He needs my permission, and hubby's to apply for another one.
On the form it says MOTHERS FULL NAME AS ON THE BIRTH CERTIICATE, but they actually spelt my name wrongly, twice, on his Birth Certificate.

I guess I left it up to hubby to sort out, and it never was corrected.

So now I have to explain why the name on the Birth Certificate is different from my name now. Easy, just supply the original Marriage Certificate. Problem. Can't find it, and I have no idea why. Easy, get a full copy, just supply the old Passport for me, plus a Drivers Licence.


My name is different on both too, when we filled out my Passport application all those years ago, we were shocked to find that on my Birth Certificate, my name was simply Patricia.

But I have always been called Patricia Anne I said, and then unknown to me, my dear hubby changed my formal name to now read Patricia Anne, bless him.

But in between getting my Passport (under simply Patricia) and renewing my Drivers Licence, I am now Patricia Anne.

It goes on, and on, and on. Bleh.

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dieter said...

This is what happens when parents give us to many names. hang in there you will get it, frig red tape