Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy 6th Pattycam year online

And finally, one last indulgent tribute. I know it may seem over-the-top, but sometimes so is having a cam on in the early morning, late at night, and a most times in between. My poor, long-suffering family (and friends, ha!). Anyway, just a collection of old pics, for the newer viewers to Pattycam. Welcome, and enjoy.

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dieter said...

some endulgents are worth having

Brizpaul said...

Congrats on 6 glorious years Patty its been fun, some sadness and a lot of laughter and an array of endless welcoming Smiles from you. Thanks for letting me be apart of it over the last few years.

Sue said...

How quickly boys grow, 6 years makes such a difference in a childs life.

Patty said...

Yes, time goes too soon. I am sure it's longer than 6 years to be honest, I am sure I had this up and running when Doc started school, which would have been 2000. I have lost my origianl pics, the very, very first images, bugger! Anyway, it's all been good fun. Thanks for letting me reminise.

Anonymous said...

Even Stan-the-Dishwaher-man is famous. sigh. ;)

Johnno said...

what a load of fun these movies have been...brings back some memories

Patty said...

Aw, thanks Johnno. Where would I be without you all (GROUP HUG!!!)

Kevin said...

Very nice Patty! Ditto on Johnno's comment. Keep up the great work.

Kevin said...

THANK YOU Patty. This little online community has shared a lot of fun together. Sometimes even offline in real life on occasion.

+ Who could forget the hi-jacked birthday page?

+ Johnno's fake fax welcoming you to Detroit?

+ Johnno's picture placed next to Gary's bed when he came to visit?

+ Poking fun at Stan the diswasher man?

+ Johnno's attempts at cross-dressing?

+ Your April fools day announcement about shutting down Pattycam :)

+ and even the jokes we only hear about, such as telling Chris the web cam is ON when he comes out half dressed for his morning cup of coffee?

and so many other fun times which would have NOT been possible except for all of your efforts in creating such a fun and vibrant online community. Thanks Patty!

Here's to the next six years!

Patty said...

Aw........Ya made me cry then Kevin. Thanks mate, it's been a great time for me too. hugs and kisses!