Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Haha, will ya look at this, here I am (tired old housewife) surrounded by teenage girls in various states of undress. So funny (that my cam should be rated up there, highly) yet sad too. I wonder if the parents know, lol.


Brizpaul said...

Did ya notice that your the only one with a skivvy on, funny that hey? lol

Patty said...

ha, yes I know. Now I feel old.

Stephen said...

I thought this was one of those 'where's Wally (er Patty!) games for a second.

Yep, the skivvy was a bit of a give away.

At least you are not asking for a credit card to enter the site.

Johnno said...

now, ummmmm?...which one do I click on...inie mini miny!