Monday, June 19, 2006

Whilt I understand that it's a cultural thing for Japan to eat whae meat, I also know that most of todays generation in Japan won't eat it, and don't want to eat it. They are advertising and promoting it now within schools (get 'em young) as they have such a glut of stored whale-meat. As for the aurgument that whales 'are eating all the fish' they actually eat plankton.


Brizpaul said...

Where would we be without all the Moby Dicks of this world. Then theres japans critisism of us yesterday in the culling of roos

stephen said...

Dont baleen whales eat Krill? while some (such as killer whales, pilot, sperm etc etc) eat fish and squid? In any case, there are many cultural habits that are not necessarily good things ie child marriages, hangings, female genital mutilation and more. Japan is a very modern western society, eating whales is about selfish dogmatic behaviour, not culture. Unless you believe that they are really doing genuine scientific research. No even Japans pretends that is true.