Friday, June 16, 2006


What Three Things does a new Australian family need to know, either about Brisbane, or Australia?


Patty said...

1. Always swim between the flags. Always.

2. make sure you look over your right shoulder when crossing the streets, cars are on the left-hand-side here, and you will get skiddled.

3. Try Vegimite, give it a go, and remember, thin is best. try it on toast, with a fried egg, yum

Brizpaul said...

1: We drive on the opposite side of the road

2: Thongs are footwear

3: A Pot is a Beer

dieter said...

1.Drink your beer cold,
2.your shout means your turn to buy a round of drinks (it does not mean yell)
3.sports if your in the north its rugby and in the rest of Aust its AFL.