Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Road Trip 04

Road Trip with my eldest son.....

The road winds around some of the prettiest country we have seen for 3 days, and we pass row after row of the stark Poplar trees, their golden leaves now fallen with the winter winds.

Outside it's about 5 degrees, bloody cold in our language, as we are from Queensland, and now we are racing towards Canberra, the capital of Australia. Overnight the temperature plummets to minus 10.

Welcome to our Road Trip, or as I like to say now, Road Trip 2004, which means I have already planned to make more of these delightful journeys with my sons in the future.

This is our first Trip, and so far, so good. I am sharing the driving with my 17 year old son Doc, and at the end of our journey, we will have travelled 2,855kms together, and merged a lifetime of middle-aged experience and youthful adolescence enthusiasm.

We will talk, of course, filling the empty kilometres with discussions of university, future travel, new girlfriends, old boyfriends (mine *cough) telling jokes, and we laugh and shake our heads and say “Wherever the wind takes us!” as we shout it to the sky, to the bitumen, daring us to follow it, trusting it, unknown as it is, we drive on with blind faith and a full petrol tank.

Our destination is Canberra, to deliver some car parts, but our true destination is in each other's minds and hearts and souls.

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