Thursday, June 22, 2006

Melbourne to...which way? Ack! Obviously have to go to Melbourne...but after that we are free agents "wherever the wind takes us...." but want to go to Bathurst to drive the Bathurst Mount Panorama. Would also like to go to Newcastle to see the F1-11's landing and taking off, and show Bear my old haunts near Taree etc...also want to go to Tamworth? Port Macquarie? Coffs Harbour? Ack! Suggestions peoples!


Philius said...

Head up to Bathurst, take a lap of Mount Panorama, head down towards Lithgow and take the Putty road up to Singleton (pass some mine sites around the Hunter, and wineries). Head to Newcastle to Williamstown (see the FA-18 hornets in the afternoon if u are lucky, (F1-11's will be at Amberley). Go up to Taree etc, and then you may be able to head across to Tamworth, before going up to Glen Innes/Armidale/Tenterfield/Stanthorpe/Warwick towards home. If you happen to be going past QlD raceway on a test and tune day, you can do a few quick sprints down the track.

Philius said...

Oh, you can cut across from Taree at Port Macquarie towards Tamworth, and if you then go up via the New England Highway, you will pass via Amberley, and there may be F1-11's cruising about.

Patty said...

The Putty Putty Road Road< lol. Yes, think I will cut in west to Tamworth (the Big Guitar begs to be phooned) and I love the Glen INnes country, grave of bushranger there too, whose name escapes me (Thunderbolt!!!)Thanks for you knowledge Philius! :)