Thursday, June 08, 2006


This young Australian guy, Steve, is touring England.

He enters a church for confession with Father Brendan Fitzpatrick.

He starts: "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been six weeks since my last confession." The priest then says: "Begin telling God your sins, my son." "I had sex with this girl, Father."

He questions the young man: "And, ah, how many times?" "Ah, six nights, I think, Father."

"Then to obtain absolution, you have to tell me the lass's name."

He hesitates. "No, father, I think I'd rather not say." "As I have said, I won't absolve you unless you give her name."

"No, Father, I can't say. I need to protect her reputation and shame." "Rubbish! I must emphasise to you the importance of telling me this girl's name."

"Sorry, Father", he insists.

"Right then! Hah-hah! Was it Jane Shorter?"

"Father, please, don't press me for her name".

"Blessed Jesus! What is this girl's name!"

"But, Father, please..."

"Okay then, hah-hah! Was it Julie-Anne Baxter?"

Saddened, he sobs, "Please, Father!"

"By the Holy Ghost! Was it Kathie Shah?"

"No, Father. Just bless me!"

"Nothing? Right. I'll not absolve your sins! I dismiss you!"

Banished, Steve walks from the church, his head hanging, dragging his feet. Outside, two other young Aussies are standing there.

"How did it go?" one of them asks. Steve smiles broadly.

"Great! I got three more names!"

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