Monday, June 05, 2006

How to Freak out your Boss

I had just finished a project late Friday afternoon. When I looked up in my bookcase at my Roswell New Mexico refrigerator magnet (a co-worker gave me the magnet after he had been there), I said out loud, that I should go to Roswell to see the UFO Museum. My cube mate Denny laughed and said that I should go see the Grand Canyon and Meteor crater too. I told him that I had seen the Grand Canyon before, but not the Meteor crater.

This lead to a discussion on how difficult it would be to get to Roswell, the Grand Canyon and Meteor crater with out driving a long ways (800 miles (4,800 km).

Just then, my lady boss poked her head in to our cubical and asked why I would want to go to Roswell in the first place? I told her that I wanted to see my Alien relatives at the UFO Museum. She shook her head and said as she walked away "I love you man, but you scare me sometimes". ;)

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