Monday, May 08, 2006

You can say Fuck but not spicks?

It's interesting how Joan Rivers felt she could say the f-word 3 times on a live television broadcast,(tv's night of nights) but not the word spicks, as in Spicks and Specks, ABC televisions brilliant show on Wednesday nights. Taken from a song by the Bee Gees, Joan obviously thought it meant some racial slur. Whatever, cya Joan, *slams door shut.

"What a gargoyle! This is when too much surgery is just too much. There's something clergy-like about what she's wearing. And her story about the vintage bag with the twin towers was touching, but it looks like it came off the set of Victor Victoria. But the very best thing about her was that her prescription drugs were kicking in just when she was getting on the stage to present, and the obscenities flushed through her mouth like a toilet bowl. Isn't it fantastic that we don't think our Aussie celebrities are good enough, and then we bring that out!" quoted from here

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dieter said...

Maybe we do need our own celebs, The problem is unless your from home and away or neighbours or an out of work actor you dont get a gig.Sadly we need over seas actors or no body would watch.