Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What about funds for Far North Qld?

"Mr Howard also announced an $8 million fund to help the Beaconsfield community adjust to any closure of the mine, and a $1 million education scholarship in honour of the dead miner Mr Knight."

Well, I will bite on this one.

As admirable as this is donating a $1million scholarship in honour of the dead miner, what about donating an equal amount to better transport of shipping and boating through the Torres Straits in Far North Queensland?

The men and children who were rescued after a massive 22 days at sea, hve not been paid one cent (nor do they want it either, they aren't money hungry or out to profit from their rescue)but I am sure that some sort of better boating trasport would be of enormous value to the whole Islander community.

The islands are often up to 70-90kms apart, and it usually blows like woop up there; so high, rough seas are the norm between islands. Recently too, another boat capsized and several people drowned, and that boat was not only brand new, but a Customs Boat, and official government boat. (and badly designed, obviously)

The conditions in which these stoic people live in, is mind-boggling, no way we would put up with such primitve and dangerous transport. It needs some sort of inter-island ferry, a stable craft capable of transporting the population safely and in comfort.

A million dollars would go a long way to helping these isloated communties.

Oh, and one more thing. Why isn't it happening? Because they are black.

Thoughts please......


Brizpaul said...

A lot has to do with money and capturing votes. OK, tell me why when you fill out any centrelink forms they ask whether your toras straight islander or aboriginal.
We all live within the same country so why is there a need to differenciate between races?

Patty said...

Yes, in theory we are all equal, but we all know that some people are more equal than others. In the eyes of God, we are all the same, we laugh, we bleed, we a human, but povety, sickness and living circumstances make us very unequal.

dieter said...

As long as there are two sets of rules things will remain as They are. How can you have one law for aboriginals and one for the rest. so much money is wasted on half arsed projects.I don't think throwing money at the problems they have will fix it if history is any guide

Mallard said...

"Why isn't it happening? Because they are black." Nuff said... it's true - which makes it all the more sadder :(