Friday, May 19, 2006


What Three Things would you tell someone who is moving to Australia to live with her family?
What Three pieces of advice or tips would you give?


dieter said...

2.learn the lingo
3. Don't keep telling others how much better things where done in the old country, this is your home now.

LHagen said...

Thanks dieter!

I will truly take heed.

I've found the same (#3) to be irritating with people who move locally.

Stephen said...

3 things you need to know to live in Australia
1.When at a barbecue dont want what you cant reach and always keep one foot on the floor.
2. Decide which beer you like and stick to it
3. We are a convict bred nation and some of us still have the same habits. (except of course for South Australia which was settled by free settlers.)

Actually the only rule is dont worry about the rules. We bloody dont!

Patty said...

1. Learn to swear, or at least say Bloody!
2. Call everyone mate if you can't rmember their names, and when you do become friends, call them mate anyway
3. Stay in touch with your old friends and family, but embrace Australia and her ways.

Btw, Lori is a Pattycam Watcher and has been for a while, and she and her family are moving to Brissy in the next month, so I want you all to make her welcome, right? *points and wags finger *big cheesy grin

Johnno said...

1. Learn to keep to the left side of the road when driving.
2. Dont forget to always smile as we will always smile back at you.
3. Always go to the State of origin when it is played in is a must do, but remember to speak quietly to everyone the next morning.

Brizpaul said...

Slip, Slop,Slap and swim between the flags

LHagen said...

Thanks all!!

I'll pass these along to the family.