Monday, May 29, 2006

Have a Go

I googled myself last night I admit I was bored at the time but hey you should have seen the stuff that came back so many people in the world with the same name, theres a Canadian Prime Minister, a British sculptor has his own site fantastic to see click to see. Anyways theres a magician numbers of Doctors of all persuasions a Scottish Politician theres even a businessman with my name who is worth $M225,000 000. Google yourself you'll be amazed at what comes back go on Have a go.


Mallard said...

heh heh... my own name doesn't come up with too much... there's some footballer in the UK... my brother's comes up better - he's a famous Irish author, apparently! I'm impresed! I'll have to let him know his secret has been uncovered. heh heh
Mal :o)

Johnno said...

I do it all the time paul, even came back with a tombestone with my name on it

Brizpaul said...

This could turn into a 100things,withouthe 100

Sue said...

Eh Johnno, that must have been worrying. LOL