Tuesday, April 04, 2006


God I am so bored I started watching Oprah, and today there were two women bleating how they were “sex-addicts”.

Oh boo hoo, really?

One woman bleated how although she was a major in phycology and pre-med, she couldn’t stop sleeping with men because “it made her feel loved, if only for the moment”.

Pass the tissues. (Yet she had never experienced an orgasm yet) Better pass the whole box.

How many men had this poor woman slept with in the past three years? Yup. Only 25. Come on woman, that’s not even trying!!

So in 36 months, that’s is less than one man per month. Good grief. Some people will do anything to get their face on telly.


Johnno said...

Yes, I think she needs to get a life....

Johnno said...

and did you really watch Oprah....must be bored!