Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ARGH I am a special ccustomer, my ar**!

I went to Rabbit Photos the other day, and dropped in a film with my youngest son Bear.

“Can I put this film in for a one hour development please” I asked.

“Certainly – do you have our Gold Card?” she asked me.

And I don’t want one, either. Just develop the film please.

“What name is that?”
“What phone number? Postcode?”
Huh? Why does she need my postcode, I just want the film in an hours time.
“What is your email address?”

Why? Are you going to email me the images?

“When did you last use our services?”

By this time I am ready to blow my stack, so I say again, slowly, through gritted teeth.

“You don’t need to know my email address, you don’t need to know my postcode, just. develop. the. film. In. One. Hour. Please!”

Bear says “Calm down Mum” but I am enraged at the whole attitude thing of “you are an important customer, please waste your time and day by standing there and answering imbecile questions which have no relevance other than raising your blood pressure”



Johnno said...

And that is the joys of using digital, no talking to counter staff to get your photos

Brizpaul said...

yeah My Mum does that too i end up having to tell her to cool it as well