Friday, March 31, 2006

You could eat off the floor

I was cooking tea last night, Sheperds Pie, some Roast Potatoes and some Baked Beans, Heinz of course. So I took a frozen Sheps Pie out of the freezer and put it in the oven at the right tempeture as the instructions stated. Place in oven if frozen for 50 minutes, so I did.

Then me being the bright spark decided to use my microwave timer instead of the big oven timer on account I cant be bothered figuring out how to set it up, dont worry thats a long story. Then 30 minutes into the microwave being on but nothing inside it I hear this almighty bang. I open the microwave door to find the glass plate inside has cracked and bubbled due to the heat and time it was on for.

After that for the remaining time the Pie and Roast Potatoes had to cook I used my wrist watch, 20 minutes later it was time to take out the sheps Pie. Then as I was lifting it out of the oven to the dinner plate the bloody thing slipped out of my hands onto the kitchen floor.

Its after 8pm by this time and I'm starving by this time as you could imagine, so I pickup off the floor what I can salvage of the Pie. Its a good thing I washed the floor only a few hours earlier.

So the moral of the story is that you can eat of the floor if you had to.


Patty said...

You need a wife!

Brizpaul said...

no i need a friggin house keeper cook a wife cost a hell of a lot more to employ, but now i think of it a wife does come with perks lol

Brizpaul said...

This was suppose to be posted to my blog but it ended up on here somehow, I pressed the wrong key I think

Brizpaul said...

Then thier are the fringe benefits