Monday, March 13, 2006

Where Were You On This Day

Where were you September 26 1983 when Australia one the Americas Cup?


Brizpaul said...

I was home eyes glued to the TV. I do vaguely remember taking a sickie

Patty said...

I was driving to Sydney for work. I had been watching the telly but none of it made any sense to me, so I hopped in the car for the 2 hour drive into the city for my newspaper. Just north of Sydney I was stopped by roadworks, so I slowed the car right down, after screamiang all the way "Stop tacking! STOP TACKING!!" We crossed the line just as I drove past the early morning workers listening to their trannies, and we all looked at each other and screamed (I have that effect, apparently, *mental note, wear more makeup)Cars beeped, trucks honked, it was belam and very exciting.

I took Bob Hawke at his word, and went staight to the pub and stayed there for a couple of hours with some advertisers. Good stuff Bondy!

Johnno said...

I was on my way to work at Lidcombe in sydney...tried to watch it at home for as long as I could but work called. I remember driving over the lidcombe railway bridge just as they crossed the line. The looks on all the other drivers told it all, and yes the horns were blaring out in the morning sunshine...what a perfect day. I prolly would have gone to the pub, but all the early openers were in the city.