Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Thinking about the aftermath of Cyclone Larry in North Queensland, what Three Things would you pack in an evacuation, bearing in mind you don't know a) how long you will be gone for, and b) you don't know what you will be coming home to.


Stephen said...

Grab your insurance papers, birth certificate and credit card. (assuming wife and other loved ones dont count as things you would grab) With the above you can replace most things, even photos (buy a new camera, take better ones!)

Brizpaul said...

my computer
my tv and losts of sweets

Sue said...

Too difficult!

Johnno said...

jokes aside
when you have bugger all time to think
it was
I know we forgot to turn off the compute, and get the photos, and all the other stuff...but hey!...we were lucky and will have all that stuff next time....never be complacent....look at Innisfail...we were all warned for years..missed us...but made us think!

Kevin said...

Johnno, what about a camera?

Kevin said...

How much damage did Townsville have?

Leigh said...

Vital papers, photos and camera ..always got the bloody camera..

Johnno said...

Nuthing happened here kevin, couple of trees thats all, and I did not mention the camera as it is stuck to me anyhow...but I forget to mention Cathy...woops, did I really leave her at the house!

Patty said...

Insurance/certicates etc (does that count as two?)


computer harddrive! (it has all my documents and photos on it)

(this is hard, eh?)