Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Old friends

So what happens when a blast from your past re-enters your life suddenly, unexpectedly?

A friend who shared your deepest moments with, a friend you laughed with, one who made you happy, someone who also made you cry, a friend who also shared your world of youth. What happens when you sit and watch telly with hubby (Spicks and Specks) and then suddenly like a punch in the stomach, BILLY FIELD!!!!

No way, I told myself, I have Googled him for 2 years without much success, but sure enough, there he is grinning madly wearing a god-awful yellow jacket and flipping bow tie.

I leap up off the sofa screaming BILLY! And then collapse again, frozen. It can’t be, but it must be. It MUST be him!

Sure enough, there is that naughty boy in my life that I laughed over (Bad Habits) cried with (You weren’t in love with me) and generally drooled over and lusted after his voice and cheeky grin.

At once elation in re-finding him, my old singing mate; and flatness, (where has he been, why hasn’t he been using that gifted voice more often in public?)

My husband, of course, thinks I am mad. It doesn’t matter, I have long disregarded what people think of me, but I can’t keep still. I am leaping and sitting, hands to mouth, leaping up and sitting down again like a cocker spaniel with fleas.

Eventually I calm down, and relax and enjoy his music and style. Argh..

Billy Field. You little champion!

Standing on the outside, I don't know where I'm going to
But I do know-ow just one thi-ing, and that is it's over with you

I've been very lonely, I did not think I could go on
I was caught - in mem'ries-ies, and dreams I should have won

Blind Freddy knew that, a blind man could see
I was in love wi-ith you, but you weren't in love with me

Suppose I'll have to keep it, keep it inside, I don't know why
Well I know, that it won't change it, but baby, it helps if I cry


In-cog-nito said...

trying to work this one out...dont know?

Patty said...

Don't know what?

In-cog-nito said...

just dont like mondays...because they tend to fall the day after sundays...which happen to be party we dont really need we?

beachut said...

Billy who?

Anonymous said...

Billy don't be a hero?

Patty said...

Methinks our mate Johnno needs more sleep, and less grog. Just a thought...

Brizpaul said...

sing it Billy