Friday, March 31, 2006

Imagination List

Imagination List

1. What color is the letter "S"?
2. What does happiness look like?
3. What color is today?
4. What does purple taste like?
5. What does your self-image sound like?
6. What texture is the color green?
7. What color is the smell of your favorite scent?
8. What does love look like?
9. What is your favorite sense?
10. What color is your favorite song?
11. What texture is your favorite scent?
12. What does winter sound like?
13. How old is the letter "P"?
14. How does the letter "M" feel?
15. What color is the fragrance of soap?


Brizpaul said...

1: White

2: A punnet of Strawberries

3: Blue

4: Grapes

5: Waves splashing onto a beach

6: Smooth

7: Lavender

8: 2 worlds coming together as one

9: My Sight

10: Orange

11: Smooth

12: A Heavy Thud

13: Centuries

14: In Control

15: Creamy Yellow

Mallard said...

I'm gonna have a go at this and post it on my blog, if that's OK! Thank you! Damn! I have been away TOOOOO long!