Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unbelievable, but true

POLICE have been called to a local waterway at Cromer in Sydney's northern beaches area after receiving reports of a crocodile on the loose.

Police said staff from the Australian Reptile Park believed the reptile to be a Johnson's crocodile, about 50 to 60cm in length.

The Johnson's freshwater crocodile, native to northern Australia, can grow up to three metres, and is not known to attack people, but is still regarded as dangerous.

The beast may have got as far south as it did via the sewerage systems that dot along the eastern coastline.

The creature is reportedly eating carp in a natural spring in an industrial unit block on South Creek Road.

Police are working with Australian Reptile Park staff and hope to capture the crocodile tonight.

Once captured, the reptile will be placed in a suitable animal park.

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