Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Driving Lessons

Funny how a sentence or a line can make you think back. I remember 30 something years ago I was learning to drive this was back when you went to the local police station to take your test, written and practical test.
It took me several times to get mine, I'm not going to go in on how many lol.

Mum was the sole driving instructor for all us kids.

My first test I failed trying to navigate around the big roundabout in Beenliegh.

The second time I failed was after I went thru a pedestrian crossing and nearly bowled someone over. There were a few other times like turning up for another test in Mums Datsun 180B and being failed even before I got in the car, as the driving inspector noticed Mums car rego had expired at midnight on the same day of the test.

But I did finally get my licence in the end.

I think they took pity in me lol

Your turn to share your learning-to-drive-experiences!


Anonymous said...

"Blogs are the way the world learns geography."

-- Samarra Semanczyk (1984-)

dieter said...

They must have been tough there Paul. All i had to do the written test then drive from the local police station down to the Pub do a U turn and a handbreak start, and that was it (its was a saturday after all) lol

Patty said...

I marched in on my 17th birthday to get my Learners License. After a few weeks learning, I got my Drivers License. The cop was a big sweaty fellow, keep coughing and shifting his weight throughout the entrie test, but I just told myself to imagine it was my dad beside me (not that dad was large or sweaty) and I kept my cool. The best thing I ever did, learnng to drive, now teaching my sons, it's good to reflect on your own driving habits.

Leigh said...

I took Driver's Education as a credited class in High School when I was 15. I had just finished after I turned 16 and marched down to the Licensing/Testing facility in my Gilley's half tshirt, jeans and boots and took the test in my Grandmother's car (it was an automatic). My instructor was a great big fella too, he kept shifting his legs in the front, in an attempt to distract me, I found out later. I passed with a 92 and was hell on wheels after that.

I taught my older son as well..what a harrowing experience that was. We sat at a busy intersection waiting to pull out for what seemed like ages, when all of a sudden, he just pulls out in front of three cars...he pulls into the turning lane (safe harbor) and I shout, "What did you do that for??" his reply?

"I was tired of waiting"

I think I aged 20 years and I know that I felt about 50 grey hairs pop out of my head!!!