Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year

With all this talk of traditions at Christmas, I wondered what traditions you had for the New Year, what do you usually do then.

My Mother is from Scotland, and the Scots are big on New Year. Growing up we didn't really celebrate the New Year, but we did watch Andy Stewart on the TV, singing all the Scots songs. I don't remember ever really making to that particular midnight hour.

I did go to a New Year's Party once, I didn't enjoy it at all.

(I'm not really a party person.)


Johnno said...

New years up here normally start with a get together with friends and can easily lead to sitting on the beach watching the sun come up. Then we sort of sleep all day.

Patty said...

Hmmm, some years we have a party (most yeasr, in fact) although I enjoy simply being at home with a chilled glass of champers. This year, I would like some other bastard, er..friend, to invite us to their place, for a change. They are the ones with swimming pools etc.

Not that I mind people over at our home, but after 18 years, I reckon It's their turn, truely.

I am over it...and one-way friendships.

Sue said...

I love the beginning of a New Year. It's like a fresh start ..... how can I mess this year up ..... will it be any better than the last.

Leigh said...

We don't really do anything 'special' so to speak. I serve corned beef and cabbage and the boys always look forward to that.

This year, I'm pulling a 24 hr shift on the ambulance on New Year's Eve. So I doubt there will be much partying going on.

The boys normally watch football, I think the Rose Bowl is played on New Year's Day..I could be wrong..some sort of football is on though and they gain control of the television in plenty of time.

Normal football foods are served as well: hotwings, fried cheese, jalapeno poppers, big sandwiches...