Friday, November 25, 2005

My Favorite Christmas time�by Johnno ...1964

Now let me think�.hmmmmm�what I remember about my favorite Christmas as a youngin.
We lived in Sydney in an old fibro house with lots of makeshift bedrooms added on.
The main thing I remember is the smell of the pine tree that arrived a week before and was placed in its pot ready for us all to decorate. Then there was the white spray that we used on all the windows for added effect. And yes, being carted off to the shopping centre to be traumatized by the old man in the red suit with my present list and getting the photo taken, as per attached photo.
Mum and Dad would wake us up to go to Midnight church. None of us were very impressed with the idea but it was a must do. It mean�s that Santa was getting that little bit closer, and so were the toys.
After we arrived home from church at about 1.00am we would put out the carrots for the deer and the *cough, wine and beer and peanuts for Santa(I really did believe that Santa drank the wine and beer *onya Dad!) Then it was all a case of trying to sleep otherwise he would not arrive.
Christmas day was a case of getting up first and waking everyone else(4 brothers and a sister and mum and dad) so we could get amongst the pressies. Then when we had all finished it would be a case of a quick breakfast and then time to skin knees on the new bike, crash the remote control plane or see whom you could shoot with the new bow and arrow set.
Lunch was always a huge hot roast with Aunts and Uncles either at our place or theirs (in the middle of summer�. does not make sense!).
But the most I remember is all the smiles and love and affection that came with all of the above.
Bring on Santa!
p.s. Does this exempt me from Aunty Jack now?
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Patty said...

Wonderful Johnno, which little cutie is you in the pic? *chuckles them all under the chin

Brizpaul said...

its the Bee Gee twins lol.

Consider yourself excempted Johnno lol

Johnno said...

I am ummmm...second from right with my original blond hair