Friday, September 30, 2005

How Come?

I had to go to the Doctors today. Nothing serious just a follow up visit organizing dates for hospital admission in October. But thats what i'm not on about.

I've always done the same and I'm sure others do too when visiting the Doctor and was always washed, shaved hair combed and always put on a clean ironed shirt with pressed trousers when going to the GP. So today I'm sitting in the surgery waiting room when a mother and her 2 teenage kids walk in. To my amazement i saw the 2 teenages walk in barefoot in daggy looking jeans half way down thier bum. Then to top it off the receptionist says to this 40 something Mother, "would you like me to turn the tv channel over? " "No," i havent seen this program before said the Mother. You know what she was watching? Dr. Phil

So my beef today is how anyone could walk in to visit the GP with no socks or shoes on without a second thought ?

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Patty said...

Teenagers mate, teenagers!