Friday, September 08, 2006

Art Show

So I photographed my last Art Show tonight, (TTT - Tits, Teeth and Tummy!) and to cut a long story short, ended up photographing some people and became involved with the conversation.

They smile at me and say "So when are you going back to work at the ABC” (radio). I am stunned, and try to peer at their names, not easy when it's dark, and the black writing is on orange nametags. My mind is racing, who are these people? How do they 'know' me?

Obviously (ex) listeners, and obviously (long-time) fans. Bless them.

I laugh and joke, but deep inside me, when I listened very hard, a tiny piece of my soul ripped off, and floated away into space.

I say heartily; "I cried for 3 weeks when I lost that job!" and I grin madly.
But I feel - and I hear; in my heart, that little piece… of my soul… rip off…and float away…

The woman is on a roll now, and she adds “Coast FM does on-the-street-interviews, why don’t you apply down there for a job?”

I could squeeze her to bits with affection, as I know she has good intentions for me, but the reality is, it’s on the Gold Coat (traffic) and the last time I worked in radio was 10 years ago.

Ten years!

But they are still enthusiastic to hear me and I love them for that.

I joke again, “I have started Pod Casting my old tapes!” and the woman is delighted.

“I am the archivist for the State Library, all of those tapes need to be archived for history”, and I swill my wine in one big take and think. And think. And remember.

Thankyou. You made my night. Bless.


Brizpaul said...

arhhhhhhhhh the old 3 T's trick and old ABC Groupies tell me more lol

Peter said...

here here xxx