Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gary helping out in the kitchen

As many of you know, my next door neighbor Gary is a frequent dinner guest. He comes over, eats with us, we watch a movie, and then it is time for him to go home. He is a good guest, always remembering to take his dirty dishes to the sink, but yet manages to slide out the door about the same time as when kitchen cleanup starts :)

Well, this weekend Tandy was at the beach with one of her friends, so it was just a boys night out for Gary and me. I told him since Tandy was not here that he had to wash his dishes before he could go home. Gary is a good sport, and pitched right in to help out. Click on the title to see what a good job he did!


Patty said...

Hahahaha, love it! Good doggie!

Johnno said...

lol....very good Kevin

dieter said...

works on two levels first it saves water second it feds the dog ha hha